Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 827 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Campsite Adventures

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: Amusing Initial Encounter Of Two Characters
Solution: Meet cute

Question: An Expert In Illusions Or Sleight Of Hand
Solution: Magician

Question: Burrito Casing
Solution: Tortilla

Question: Circus Style Athletes Who Tumble
Solution: Acrobats

Question: Form Of Carbon Found In Pencils
Solution: Graphite

Question: Optimistic Attitude The Nubbed Side Of A Battery
Solution: Positive

Question: Sahara Oryx Species Reintroduced To The Wild
Solution: Scimitar

Question: Small Putting Activity To Get Balls In Holes
Solution: Mini golf

Question: The P In PDF Document Format
Solution: Portable

Question: US President At The Turn Of The 20th Century
Solution: Mckinley

Question: Partenkirchen Venue Of 1936 Winter Olympics
Solution: Garmisch

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