Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 825 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Campsite Adventures

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: A Voice Gets This Way After A Lot Of Coughing
Solution: Hoarse

Question: Calfskin Paper
Solution: Vellum

Question: Financial Scope For A Project
Solution: Budget

Question: Howard Central Figure In The Aviator Biopic
Solution: Hughes

Question: Imitation Or Real Calfskin Paper
Solution: Vellum

Question: Individual Scenes In A Stop Motion Animation
Solution: Frames

Question: Irish Site Of An International Oyster Festival
Solution: Galway

Question: Look After Kids Temporarily Like A Parent
Solution: Foster

Question: Milk Fat Spread Gathered From Churning
Solution: Butter

Question: Playground Equipment With A Pivoting Beam
Solution: Seesaw

Question: Promises Vows
Solution: Swears

Question: Saint Paris Station Featured In Monets Works
Solution: Lazare

Question: Shakespeares Two Gentleman Were From Here
Solution: Verona

Question: Team Races Where A Baton Is Carried
Solution: Relays

Question: The Mythological Greeks Used This Wooden Horse
Solution: Trojan

Question: The Worlds Largest Country By Area
Solution: Russia

Question: They Are Like The Bodys Electrical Wiring
Solution: Nerves

Question: Tree Dwelling Marsupials Native To Australia
Solution: Koalas

Question: Jean Not My Lover Hit For Michael Jackson
Solution: Billie

Question: Suit Decontamination Garment
Solution: Hazmat

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