Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 824 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: Acid Deposited By Muscles Into The Blood
Solution: Lactic

Question: Acting Technique Where One Becomes Their Role
Solution: Method

Question: Celery Look Alike Veggie That Tastes Like Licorice
Solution: Fennel

Question: Come Into Sight
Solution: Appear

Question: Comic Book Company Known For The Avengers
Solution: Marvel

Question: Groups Of Lions
Solution: Prides

Question: Illustrated Stories That Can Be Read On A Tablet
Solution: Ebooks

Question: Number Of Sides Of A Hendecagon
Solution: Eleven

Question: Priestess Whose Advice Was Sought By The Gods
Solution: Oracle

Question: Regal Headgear Worn By Kings And Queens
Solution: Crowns

Question: Ross Was On A Break With Her On Friends
Solution: Rachel

Question: Snow Chasing Cars And Run Rock Band
Solution: Patrol

Question: South Asian Nation With A Dragon On Its Flag
Solution: Bhutan

Question: The Book The Bare Necessities Disney Musical
Solution: Jungle

Question: Time Of No Food
Solution: Famine

Question: Writing That Uses Cadence And Rhythm Abstractly
Solution: Poetry

Question: Viaduct French Bridge Created By Norman Foster
Solution: Millau

Question: Emptor Latin Term For Let The Buyer Beware
Solution: Caveat

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