Codycross Brazilian Tour Group 765 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Brazilian Tour

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Codycross Brazilian Tour Answers

Question: 1st Woman President Of The Philippines Aquino
Solution: Corazon

Question: A Swinging Bed For Sailors
Solution: Hammock

Question: Blind Readers Use These Raised Dots
Solution: Braille

Question: Container For Hammers And Nails
Solution: Toolbox

Question: Diet Where Vegetables Fruits Are Eaten As Liquids
Solution: Juicing

Question: Hairy Describes Dragons And Collies
Solution: Bearded

Question: High Renaissance Artist Of The Sistine Madonna
Solution: Raphael

Question: Industry Based On Travel And Visitors
Solution: Tourism

Question: Leading Innovation Tech Brand
Solution: Toshiba

Question: Marksmen With Powerful Sights
Solution: Snipers

Question: Material Used To Make The T Birds Jackets
Solution: Leather

Question: Moderately Hot Red Pepper Used In Cooking
Solution: Cayenne

Question: Nerve Extends From Spinal Cord To Back Of Thigh
Solution: Sciatic

Question: Norman King Victorious In The Battle Of Hastings
Solution: William

Question: Percussion Set With Cymbal Snare And Toms
Solution: Drum kit

Question: Power Form Thats Atomic
Solution: Nuclear

Question: The Longest Nerve In The Human Body
Solution: Sciatic

Question: Worlds Largest Ocean
Solution: Pacific

Question: Written Offers Of Work For Contractual Jobs
Solution: Tenders

Question: Cortes Spanish Flamenco And Ballet Dancer
Solution: Joaquin

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