Codycross Australia Group 1020 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 1995 Film Where Players Get Stuck In A Board Game
Solution: Jumanji

Question: A Known Phone Number
Solution: Contact

Question: Art Style Of Rembrandt And Vermeer
Solution: Baroque

Question: Casual Slang For To Kill Someone
Solution: Bump off

Question: City In Which John Lennon Was Killed In 1980
Solution: New york

Question: Clause That Adds A Condition To A Contract
Solution: Proviso

Question: Freerunning Sport With Obstacles To Navigate
Solution: Parkour

Question: Halloween Vegetable That Grows In A Patch
Solution: Pumpkin

Question: Japanese Lute With Three Strings
Solution: Samisen

Question: Missouri City With Gateway Arch Monument
Solution: St louis

Question: Online Class For Work Or School
Solution: Webinar

Question: Patron Saint Of Ireland
Solution: Patrick

Question: Put On Again As Makeup
Solution: Reapply

Question: Routine Health Appointment
Solution: Check up

Question: Technical Term For Sausage Skins
Solution: Casings

Question: Wheeled Bed That Can Hide Under Another Bed
Solution: Trundle

Question: Sea Polar Waters Named After A British Sealer
Solution: Weddell

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