Codycross Australia Group 1018 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: American Stock Market In New York
Solution: Nasdaq

Question: Animal That Lives In Water Such As Sea Otters
Solution: Marine

Question: Apple Device For Making Calls On
Solution: Iphone

Question: Begin To Talk About A Subject
Solution: Broach

Question: Classic Chopped Onion Pepper And Tomato Dips
Solution: Salsas

Question: Commonly Used For Healing In RPG Video Games
Solution: Potion

Question: Daniel Defoes Fictional Castaway Robinson
Solution: Crusoe

Question: Handcrafted Tobacco Products From Cuba
Solution: Cigars

Question: In Islam Its Known As Salat
Solution: Prayer

Question: Memorable Like A Song With A Good Hook
Solution: Catchy

Question: Official Language Of Mali
Solution: French

Question: Oktoberfest Commemorates Therese And This Prince
Solution: Ludwig

Question: The Show Reality TV Drama Starring Jim Carrey
Solution: Truman

Question: The Study Of Bird Eggs
Solution: Oology

Question: The Uppermost Curved Portion Of The Stomach
Solution: Fundus

Question: What Someone Leaves Behind In Their Will
Solution: Legacy

Question: Zodiac Sign From April 21 May 21
Solution: Taurus

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