Codycross Australia Group 1017 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Rough Estimated Figure For A Business Quote
Solution: Ballpark

Question: Claps Hands In Appreciation
Solution: Applauds

Question: Eccentric Poker Face Singer Who Wore A Meat Dress
Solution: Lady gaga

Question: Float With Limbs Outstretched Five Armed Creature
Solution: Starfish

Question: Humans Create This Nutrient By Being In Sunlight
Solution: Vitamin d

Question: Leigh Star And Co Creator Of The Saw Franchise
Solution: Whannell

Question: Napoleon Lost At This Battle ABBA Song
Solution: Waterloo

Question: Nickname For Texas Is The State
Solution: Lone star

Question: One Who Sees The Glass As Half Full
Solution: Optimist

Question: Prickly Bushes On Which Blackberries Grow
Solution: Brambles

Question: Residence Home
Solution: Dwelling

Question: Rosalind Chemist Whose Work Helped Decode DNA
Solution: Franklin

Question: Shakespeares Largest Female Role
Solution: Rosalind

Question: Supersonic Plane Broke The Sound Barrier In 1969
Solution: Concorde

Question: Susan Wrote What Katy Did
Solution: Coolidge

Question: The Country Known For Its Highlands And Loch Ness
Solution: Scotland

Question: The Small Indentation Between The Nose And Top Lip
Solution: Philtrum

Question: Waterproof Jacket
Solution: Raincoat

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