Codycross Australia Group 1016 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: An Alcoholic Drink Made Through Distillation
Solution: Liquor

Question: Dark Autumnal Brown Name Of An Apple
Solution: Russet

Question: East Thrace Is The European Portion Of This Nation
Solution: Turkey

Question: Encouragement In Recognition Of Good Work
Solution: Praise

Question: English Writer Who Wrote Samson Agonistes In 1671
Solution: Milton

Question: French Starfleet Officer
Solution: Picard

Question: Hyundai Model Named For A Music Piece
Solution: Sonata

Question: Inventor Tull Who Developed The Seed Drill
Solution: Jethro

Question: Prized Breed Of Sheep With High Quality Wool
Solution: Merino

Question: Ravenous Fish Might Enter A Feeding One
Solution: Frenzy

Question: Slope For Winter Sports
Solution: Ski run

Question: Tom Hanks Volleyball Companion In Cast Away
Solution: Wilson

Question: Underground Storage Room For Wine
Solution: Cellar

Question: Word Supposedly Exclaimed By Archimedes In Joy
Solution: Eureka

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