Codycross Australia Group 1016 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 90s Sitcom With High Pitched Female Lead
Solution: The nanny

Question: Adventures You Have To Complete Maybe Impossible
Solution: Missions

Question: Alcohol Also Known As The Green Fairy
Solution: Absinthe

Question: Another Word For Spine
Solution: Backbone

Question: Being Like A Cave Dark Damp Quality
Solution: Dankness

Question: Era That Followed The Mesozoic
Solution: Cenozoic

Question: Gambling Wheel With Ball And Numbered Sections
Solution: Roulette

Question: Global Celebration Held Each April 22nd
Solution: Earth day

Question: Illumination For Vehicles In Unclear Weather
Solution: Fog lamps

Question: Jacques French Aqua Lung Oceanographer
Solution: Cousteau

Question: Metal Fixings That Join Elements Of Jewelry
Solution: Findings

Question: Neil Diamond Sang About This Sweet Woman
Solution: Caroline

Question: Precious Silvery White Metal
Solution: Platinum

Question: Rabbit Breed With A Fluffy Mane
Solution: Lionhead

Question: Roger Hargreaves Pink Food Loving Character
Solution: Mr greedy

Question: Set Off From The Dock
Solution: Embarked

Question: Signs That Help A Doctor Diagnose An Illness
Solution: Symptoms

Question: Small Aircraft With A Propellor And A Rotor
Solution: Autogyro

Question: Victor Salvas 2001 Horror Film Jeepers
Solution: Creepers

Question: Yoga Pose On All Fours With Back Parallel To Floor
Solution: Table top

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