Codycross Australia Group 1013 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Group Of Stars Or Galaxies Connected By Gravity
Solution: Cluster

Question: Arrogance To Walk With A
Solution: Swagger

Question: Blonde ABBA Singer Faltskog Was Married To Bjorn
Solution: Agnetha

Question: Defeated Grendel
Solution: Beowulf

Question: European Country Once Ruled By Baudouin
Solution: Belgium

Question: Large Indonesian Island With Tropical Rainforests
Solution: Sumatra

Question: Mythical Creature Also Known As A Monoceros
Solution: Unicorn

Question: Poisonous Plant With Umbrella Like White Flowers
Solution: Hemlock

Question: Square Building Stones Cut To Match Each Other
Solution: Ashlers

Question: The Actor Who Voiced Olaf In The Frozen Movies
Solution: Josh gad

Question: The Style Of Food Of A Specific Region
Solution: Cuisine

Question: Trouble Is Something Bad Is Going To Happen
Solution: Brewing

Question: Walter Actor Who Played Horace In Hello Dolly
Solution: Matthau

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