Codycross Australia Group 1011 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Bed Covering You Can Make A Fort Out Of
Solution: Blanket

Question: Dance With Quick Heel Toe Moves And Running Man
Solution: Shuffle

Question: Designer Husband Of Vogue Writer Richard Buckley
Solution: Tom ford

Question: Dwell Or Reside In
Solution: Inhabit

Question: Moorish Castle Or Palace In Medieval Spain
Solution: Alcazar

Question: Nautical Measurements Equal To Three Miles
Solution: Leagues

Question: Seven Branched Candlestick A Symbol Of Judaism
Solution: Menorah

Question: Stockholms International Airport Code Is ARN
Solution: Arlanda

Question: The Wind In The Adventures Of Toad And Ratty
Solution: Willows

Question: Tibetan Flours Used Locally In Cereal
Solution: Tsambas

Question: Type Of Salmon Involved In A Punch Up Perhaps
Solution: Sockeye

Question: US Inventor Of The Solid Body Electric Guitar
Solution: Les paul

Question: US Political Drama With Olivia Pope As The Focus
Solution: Scandal

Question: What The Netherlands Is Sometimes Known As
Solution: Holland

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