Codycross Australia Group 1011 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Country Where Atole Is A Popular Hot Beverage
Solution: Mexico

Question: Fissures In Breaking Glass
Solution: Cracks

Question: Its Medical Name Is Sternutation
Solution: Sneeze

Question: Jamie Actor Of The Fall Fifty Shades Of Grey
Solution: Dornan

Question: Kauais Grand Canyon Of The Pacific
Solution: Waimea

Question: Lower Spine Section
Solution: Lumbar

Question: Made Straight Hair Coiled Or Spiral In Shape
Solution: Curled

Question: Mozarts Strassburg Concerto Was Written For It
Solution: Violin

Question: Patrick First Woman To Win An IndyCar Series Race
Solution: Danica

Question: River That Flows Through Bucharest And Belgrade
Solution: Danube

Question: Salty Old Describes An Old Mariner
Solution: Sea dog

Question: Shelled Nuts That Rhyme With Toucans
Solution: Pecans

Question: Synagogue
Solution: Temple

Question: The Red Gem That Is Januarys Birthstone
Solution: Garnet

Question: Word Game With Square Of Lettered Dice
Solution: Boggle

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