Codycross Australia Group 1011 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Roman City Destroyed By Mount Vesuvius
Solution: Pompeii

Question: Another Name For A PI Or Detective
Solution: Gumshoe

Question: Bits Bits And Pieces
Solution: And bobs

Question: Broadway Musical With Puppets
Solution: Avenue q

Question: Cincinnati NFL Team
Solution: Bengals

Question: Civil Law Where Damages Can Be Awarded
Solution: Tort law

Question: Famous Pattern Range Of Ceramicist Clarice Cliff
Solution: Bizarre

Question: Goop Founder Gwyneth
Solution: Paltrow

Question: Large Neck Vein Taking Blood From Head To Heart
Solution: Jugular

Question: Music Streaming App With Green And Black Logo
Solution: Spotify

Question: Number Of Pawns That Start A Chess Game
Solution: Sixteen

Question: One Hundred Years Of Solitude By Garcia Marquez
Solution: Gabriel

Question: Pardoned
Solution: Excused

Question: Payment Demand For Household Fuel Burned
Solution: Gas bill

Question: Person Who Gives A Speech Or Address
Solution: Speaker

Question: Screeching Night Predator With Pale Plumage
Solution: Barn owl

Question: Shapes With Four Equal Sides And 90 Degree Angles
Solution: Squares

Question: Spocks Defining Characteristic On Star Trek
Solution: Logical

Question: Stirring Invigorating
Solution: Rousing

Question: Technique Of Blending Paints To Create Haze Effect
Solution: Sfumato

Question: Tom Who Took Over The Role Of Spider Man In 2016
Solution: Holland

Question: Wrestler The Rock Often Raises This Facial Feature
Solution: Eyebrow

Question: You Get Four Of Them On A Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Solution: Cheeses

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