Codycross Australia Group 1011 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Persons BMI Is An Index Of This Quantity
Solution: Body mass

Question: Athletics Event In Which Greg Rutherford Competed
Solution: Long jump

Question: Author Milan Who Writes Romance Novels
Solution: Courtney

Question: Describes A Sudden Spur Of The Moment Reaction
Solution: Kneejerk

Question: English Monarch Who Signed The Magna Carta
Solution: King john

Question: Father Of Icarus In Greek Mythology
Solution: Daedalus

Question: First Lady Obama
Solution: Michelle

Question: Get Near To A Destination Or Another Car
Solution: Approach

Question: Gooey Sweet Chocolate Cake Slabs
Solution: Brownies

Question: Opposite Direction To Northern
Solution: Southern

Question: Princess Leias Home Planet In Star Wars Films
Solution: Alderaan

Question: Robotic Race Of Doctor Who Antagonists
Solution: Cybermen

Question: Scientific Table That Lists Chemical Elements
Solution: Periodic

Question: Superconductors Help Some Trains Do This
Solution: Levitate

Question: Terracotta Chinese Mausoleum Figures
Solution: Warriors

Question: Tiny Rodent That Builds A Spherical Nest
Solution: Dormouse

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