Codycross Australia Group 1008 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Reindeer Ran Over Her In An Elmo And Patsy Song
Solution: Grandma

Question: Arrange And Space Text So That It Fills Up A Line
Solution: Justify

Question: Canadas Largest And Newest Territory
Solution: Nunavut

Question: Common Name Of Pinon Or Pinoli Edible Seed
Solution: Pine nut

Question: Country Led By Angela Merkel
Solution: Germany

Question: Encrypted Shady Network Of Internet Servers
Solution: Dark web

Question: Formal Medical Name For A Breastbone
Solution: Sternum

Question: Japanese Comic Strip Artist
Solution: Mangaka

Question: Name Of The Only English King To Be Executed
Solution: Charles

Question: Official Copy Of A Document Or Record
Solution: Estreat

Question: Penultimate Event In An Olympic Heptathlon
Solution: Javelin

Question: Pole Star Used For Navigation By Early Explorers
Solution: Polaris

Question: Represents W In The NATO Phonetic Alphabet
Solution: Whiskey

Question: Scented Ones Are Popular In The Home
Solution: Candles

Question: Slouchy Shoulder Carrier With Crescent Shape
Solution: Hobo bag

Question: Surname Of Elton Johns Husband David
Solution: Furnish

Question: These Are More Commonly Known As Manatees
Solution: Sea cows

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