Codycross Australia Group 1007 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Body Of Coastal Water Sectioned Off By A Reef
Solution: Lagoon

Question: Cheaply Produced Alloy Of Tin Or Lead
Solution: Pewter

Question: Early Nickname For Princess Diana
Solution: Lady di

Question: Jacinda New Zealands Third Female Prime Minister
Solution: Ardern

Question: Kids See Them In A 2018 Kanye West Side Project
Solution: Ghosts

Question: Publishing House Paired With Stoughton
Solution: Hodder

Question: Rooms On Board A Cruise Ship
Solution: Cabins

Question: Samantha Who Played Alpha In The Walking Dead
Solution: Morton

Question: Sour Herb Used In Soups And Sauces
Solution: Sorrel

Question: Sorenstam Golfer Who Won 10 Majors
Solution: Annika

Question: Three Pronged Stand On Which A Camera Is Placed
Solution: Tripod

Question: Type Of Hat Worn By Indiana Jones
Solution: Fedora

Question: Video Game With Falling Blocks
Solution: Tetris

Question: Wooden Storage Keg For Alcoholic Beverages
Solution: Barrel

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