Codycross Architectural Styles Group 1167 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Architectural Styles

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Codycross Architectural Styles Answers

Question: Able To Be Used In A Number Of Different Ways
Solution: Versatile

Question: First Name Of Harry Potter Villain Lestrange
Solution: Bellatrix

Question: Hit Korean Show About Killer Kid Competitions
Solution: Squid game

Question: Portable Charger
Solution: Power bank

Question: Rap That Wasnt Thought Out In Advance
Solution: Freestyle

Question: Sketched Funny Drawings
Solution: Cartooned

Question: Spring Vegetable With Tasty Tip
Solution: Asparagus

Question: Totted Up Number Of People In A Group
Solution: Headcount

Question: US State Home To The Mall Of America
Solution: Minnesota

Question: Verdant Forest On The Piccadilly Line
Solution: Wood green

Question: Walking At A Leisurely Pace
Solution: Strolling

Question: Weak Bladed Nickname Of King John
Solution: Soft sword

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