Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 200 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Computer User Does This Seven Times A Minute
Solution: Blinks

Question: Condiments Seasoning And Herbs
Solution: Spices

Question: Digging Tools Used By Children On Beaches
Solution: Spades

Question: Edward US Realist Painter And Printmaker
Solution: Hopper

Question: First Indian Nobel Lit Laureate Rabindranath
Solution: Tagore

Question: Gym Half Pants Used For Exercise
Solution: Shorts

Question: Italian Chestnut Flour
Solution: Neccio

Question: Keanu Main Actor Of The Matrix Movies
Solution: Reeves

Question: Left Ones Country For Political Reasons
Solution: Emigre

Question: Mao Founder Of Chinese Communist Party
Solution: Zedong

Question: More Adventurous Route Off The Path
Solution: Beaten

Question: Mount Highest Peak In The Caucasus
Solution: Elbrus

Question: Nickname For Flash And Shiny Car Wheels
Solution: Alloys

Question: Off The Track Destination For Adventurers
Solution: Beaten

Question: Once Known As Saul Patron Of Missionaries
Solution: St paul

Question: Over Athwart Through
Solution: Across

Question: Roland French Fighter Pilot Of WWI
Solution: Garros

Question: Secretion In The Mouth Helps Digestion
Solution: Saliva

Question: Something Covered Concealed Secreted
Solution: Hidden

Question: The Spaniel Is Known For Its Luxurious Coat
Solution: Cocker

Question: US Writer Played On Film By Philip Seymour Hoffman
Solution: Capote

Question: Viva 1952 Biopic Of Mexican Revolutionary
Solution: Zapata

Question: Willy Wonka Character Salt
Solution: Veruca

Question: Skating Ice Dancing Individual And Pairs
Solution: Figure

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