Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 200 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Bat Is Known For Sucking Blood
Solution: Vampire

Question: Alexanders Band Early Hit For Irving Berlin
Solution: Ragtime

Question: Ali Baba And The Forty
Solution: Thieves

Question: Areas Below Your Shoulders They Produce Sweat
Solution: Armpits

Question: Czar Sovereign King Sultan
Solution: Emperor

Question: Doris On Everybody Loves Raymond
Solution: Roberts

Question: Electrics Hub For The House
Solution: Fusebox

Question: Famous Cave Paintings In Southwestern France
Solution: Lascaux

Question: Father Of Isaac In The Old Testament
Solution: Abraham

Question: Large Goblet Used For Wine Drinking
Solution: Chalice

Question: Louis Luxury Brand Well Known For Handbags
Solution: Vuitton

Question: Portuguese Wine Named After An Island
Solution: Madeira

Question: Record Of Past Significant Events
Solution: History

Question: Small Explosive Usually Thrown By Hand
Solution: Grenade

Question: Spike The Always Was On Jerrys Side
Solution: Bulldog

Question: The State Of Being Overweight
Solution: Obesity

Question: They Play The Shawm
Solution: Oboists

Question: To Launch A Book
Solution: Publish

Question: To Praise Or Idolize
Solution: Worship

Question: Unit Of Measurement 10000 Square Meters
Solution: Hectare

Question: Unyielding Attitude Or Opinion
Solution: Adamant

Question: Come Back To Life After They Die
Solution: Zombies

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