Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 199 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 90210 Star
Solution: Luke perry

Question: Apples Video Media Viewer
Solution: Quicktime

Question: Austrian Formula 1 Champion On Three Occasions
Solution: Niki lauda

Question: Bakeware Eg Casserole Dishes
Solution: Ovenwares

Question: Chairs Tables Bed Frames Bookcases
Solution: Furniture

Question: Dante Writer Who Gave Us The Divine Comedy
Solution: Alighieri

Question: Instruments Cylindrical Tube Of Wood Or Metal
Solution: Woodwinds

Question: Italian Starter Comprising Meats And Cheeses
Solution: Antipasto

Question: Loathsome Extremely Unpleasant
Solution: Revolting

Question: Resistance Fighters Causing Deliberate Destruction
Solution: Saboteurs

Question: Reverend Or Father Abouna Pappas
Solution: Hieromonk

Question: Small Nut With Two Halves Of Shell Green Color
Solution: Pistachio

Question: Someone Who Travels From Place To Place To Work
Solution: Itinerant

Question: Surname Of Jedi Knight To Defeat Darth Vader
Solution: Skywalker

Question: Time When Someone Is A Kid Usually A Memory
Solution: Childhood

Question: Topple A Regime Or Ruler
Solution: Overthrow

Question: Cotton 1st Viscount Combermere British Army
Solution: Stapleton

Question: Le Pen Marines Father And French FN Head
Solution: Jean marie

Question: Snapping Turtle Is One Of The Heaviest
Solution: Alligator

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