Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 199 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Bald
Solution: Hairless

Question: Countries Fighting Over Kashmir India And
Solution: Pakistan

Question: Extramarital Sex Often Grounds For A Divorce
Solution: Adultery

Question: Forming Or Entertaining Thoughts Or Images
Solution: Ideation

Question: German Artillery Cannon Such As Big Bertha
Solution: Howitzer

Question: Hagar The Viking Comic Strip Character
Solution: Horrible

Question: Islamabad Is The Capital Of This Country
Solution: Pakistan

Question: Moved Clumsily
Solution: Lumbered

Question: Notre Dame Irish Are From Notre Dame IN
Solution: Fighting

Question: Periodic Table Of
Solution: Elements

Question: Periodic Table Of Mendeleevs Creation
Solution: Elements

Question: Scottish Screeching Wind Instrument
Solution: Bagpipes

Question: Separated Part Of A Road For Pedal Cycles
Solution: Bike lane

Question: Teacher Of Sunnah Title For Pirs
Solution: Makhdoom

Question: The Capital Of Norfolk Island
Solution: Kingston

Question: William Osler Is Known As The Father Of Modern
Solution: Medicine

Question: DiCaprio Star Of Titanic And The Great Gatsby
Solution: Leonardo

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