Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 199 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Anatomical Term For Womb
Solution: Uterus

Question: Area In A Yard For Growing Fruits And Vegetables
Solution: Garden

Question: Beatles Inspired Haircut Like A Floor Cleaner
Solution: Mop top

Question: Cast An Evil Spell On
Solution: Jinxed

Question: Focused Rehearsal
Solution: Dry run

Question: Gets A Coin For Each Soul He Brings To Hades
Solution: Charon

Question: Goat Simulator Is A Popular Third Video Game
Solution: Person

Question: Hard Glossy Substance Applied To Ceramics
Solution: Enamel

Question: Historical Name For Indian Soldiers
Solution: Sepoys

Question: Home Is A 2015 Film Where Come To Earth
Solution: Aliens

Question: I Am Will Smith Post Apocalyptic Movie
Solution: Legend

Question: Kansas City Play At Arrowhead Stadium
Solution: Chiefs

Question: Michael Plays Obnoxious Ghost In Beetlejuice
Solution: Keaton

Question: Muhammads Daughters Lineage Title
Solution: Sayyid

Question: National Dish Of Barbados Cou Cou And Fish
Solution: Flying

Question: Playboys Founder Notorious Bachelor
Solution: Hefner

Question: Protects The Front And Back Of A Car
Solution: Bumper

Question: Range Of Huawei Smartphones Launched In 2010
Solution: Ascend

Question: Small Not Big
Solution: Little

Question: Someone Who Plays Tricks Or Deceives Others
Solution: Hoaxer

Question: Well Preserved Ancient Animal Or Plant Remains
Solution: Fossil

Question: Sport Square Chocolate Blocks
Solution: Ritter

Question: Wheel Boat Mississippi Boat From Rome
Solution: Paddle

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