Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Rooster Not Yet One Year Old
Solution: Cockerel

Question: Aker Earth God Of The Horizon
Solution: Egyptian

Question: American Singer Who Sang Cornflake Girl
Solution: Tori amos

Question: Device To Whip Up An Omelets Raw Ingredients
Solution: Eggwhisk

Question: Emotions Through Different Elements Art
Solution: Abstract

Question: Every Horse Thinks Its Own Pack
Solution: Heaviest

Question: Father Of The Theory Of Relativity
Solution: Einstein

Question: Field Focuses On Mummies
Solution: Momilogy

Question: Hotel Chain Owners Of Residence Inn And Courtyard
Solution: Marriott

Question: Indoor Greenery
Solution: Pot plant

Question: Liqueur Cream Dessert From Tudor Times
Solution: Syllabub

Question: Lothar Captain Of 1990 German WC Winning Team
Solution: Matthaus

Question: Marthas Vacation Place Of The Kennedys
Solution: Vineyard

Question: Moon Of Saturn Identified By Its Chaotic Rotation
Solution: Hyperion

Question: Plan Of Procedure Series Of Planned Events
Solution: Schedule

Question: Private Path Connecting The Street To A House
Solution: Driveway

Question: Relating To A Line Of Rulers
Solution: Dynastic

Question: Relating To The Season After Summer
Solution: Autumnal

Question: Song Recorded By The Beatles
Solution: For no one

Question: Spanish Dance With Clapping And Stamping
Solution: Flamenco

Question: The Lady From Movie With Rita Hayworth
Solution: Shanghai

Question: The Legislative Capital Of South Africa
Solution: Cape town

Question: These Blood Vessels Carry Blood Away From Heart
Solution: Arteries

Question: Tooth Is Used To Make Your Smile Paler
Solution: Whitener

Question: Unstable Due To Weight Distribution Up High
Solution: Top heavy

Question: Weighed Up The Pros And Cons Of Two Or More Items
Solution: Compared

Question: White Wine And Carbonated Water Chilled Drink
Solution: Spritzer

Question: Womens Undergarments
Solution: Lingerie

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