Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Popular Brand Of Hot Tubs
Solution: Jacuzzi

Question: Bruce Springsteens Support The Band
Solution: E street

Question: Captain Shield Wielding Comic Book Character
Solution: America

Question: French Phrase Meaning Chic Or In Fashion
Solution: En vogue

Question: Inhale And Exhale
Solution: Breathe

Question: Low Cost Spanish Airline Merged With ClickAir
Solution: Vueling

Question: Nottingham Official Robin Hoods Nemesis
Solution: Sheriff

Question: Province In Western China Famous For Food
Solution: Sichuan

Question: Study Of Medical Remedies
Solution: Acology

Question: Sweet Roulade Christmas Dessert Looks Like Wood
Solution: Yule log

Question: Terror Of Asians Genghis Khans People
Solution: Mongols

Question: The Dalmatian Is Known For Its Coat
Solution: Spotted

Question: The Torah Is The Book Of This Religion
Solution: Judaism

Question: To Finally Find A Wanted Person
Solution: Capture

Question: Upbeat Hit For Madonna In 1989
Solution: Cherish

Question: Where Hockey Games Are Played
Solution: Ice rink

Question: Woman With A Monets Sun Umbrella
Solution: Parasol

Question: Xavi And Barca And Spain Soccer Duo
Solution: Iniesta

Question: Echeverria Argentine Writer Cultural Promoter
Solution: Esteban

Question: To War First Of Capras Propaganda Films
Solution: Prelude

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