Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Russian Ruble Is Made Up Of 100
Solution: Kopeks

Question: Another Name For A Violin
Solution: Fiddle

Question: Badger Like Yokai From Japanese Mythology
Solution: Mujina

Question: Burning The At Both Ends
Solution: Candle

Question: Churchills WWII Propaganda Made In Canada
Solution: Island

Question: Codified The Three Laws Of Robotics
Solution: Asimov

Question: Created From Two Different Breeds Or Species
Solution: Hybrid

Question: Descendant Of Muhammad Through Daughter Fatima
Solution: Sharif

Question: Entertained
Solution: Amused

Question: FC Munich Successful Bavarian Football Club
Solution: Bayern

Question: Greeks And Romans Lounged And Dined While On Them
Solution: Klinai

Question: Italian County With No Coastline Or Country Border
Solution: Umbria

Question: Kidney Shaped Drupe Tasty Nut Treat
Solution: Cashew

Question: Knitted Woolen Hat Like A Skullcap
Solution: Beanie

Question: Like A Pigeon Able To Find Its Safe Place Again
Solution: Homing

Question: Line Showing Atmospheric Pressure On A Map
Solution: Isobar

Question: Look For
Solution: Search

Question: Michel Sistine Chapel Painter
Solution: Angelo

Question: Percussion Instrument Produces Sound When Shaken
Solution: Rattle

Question: Piercing Typically In The Center Of The Lower Lip
Solution: Labret

Question: Predominant Language Of The Dead Sea Scrolls
Solution: Hebrew

Question: Rick Sang Never Gonna Give You Up
Solution: Astley

Question: Small Docile Hound With A Great Sense Of Smell
Solution: Beagle

Question: Someone Who Annoys Others By Persistent Criticism
Solution: Gadfly

Question: The Fourth Or Power Today The Press
Solution: Estate

Question: The Opposite Of Male
Solution: Female

Question: The Power Of Recalling What Has Been Learned
Solution: Memory

Question: To Hear More Than You Want To Hear Get An
Solution: Earful

Question: Two Businesses Coming Together As One
Solution: Merger

Question: Water Flowers Painted By Monet
Solution: Lilies

Question: Winning Country In The Hundred Years War
Solution: France

Question: Wispy High Altitude Clouds
Solution: Cirrus

Question: To Cause To Stop Sleeping
Solution: Arouse

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