Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Small Church
Solution: Chapel

Question: Boga Is Known As Piapara In
Solution: Brazil

Question: Bridal A Gift Giving Party For The Bride To Be
Solution: Shower

Question: Carpal Syndrome Is In The Hand And Wrist
Solution: Tunnel

Question: Claim That Someone Has Done Something Wrong
Solution: Allege

Question: Colombia Claims To Grow Some Of The Best
Solution: Coffee

Question: Countries Bordering On The Dead Sea Israel And
Solution: Jordan

Question: Gianni Italys Golden Boy 1960s And 1970s
Solution: Rivera

Question: Graphic Novels
Solution: Comics

Question: Medical Personnel Wear Them
Solution: Scrubs

Question: Olde English Pub Or Inn
Solution: Tavern

Question: Public House
Solution: Boozer

Question: Reflexive Pronoun First Person Singular
Solution: Myself

Question: Shape Shifting Water Horse From Scottish Mythology
Solution: Kelpie

Question: Sony Brand Of Smartphones And Tablets From 2012
Solution: Xperia

Question: Spanish City Three Cultures Christian Arab Jew
Solution: Toledo

Question: Still Life Fruit Painted By Cezanne
Solution: Apples

Question: The Sahara Is One Of Them
Solution: Desert

Question: The Floor Of A Fireplace
Solution: Hearth

Question: Time You Are Supposed To Come Home
Solution: Curfew

Question: To Agree Upon Close Out An Account
Solution: Settle

Question: To Make Wet With Large Drops Of Water
Solution: Splash

Question: Written Record Of Job History Used To Apply
Solution: Resume

Question: 5 ESAs Launch Rocket For Satellites
Solution: Ariane

Question: Shepherd Taxi Driver Actress Once Dated Elvis
Solution: Cybill

Question: Belly Is A Storage Box Under A Wagon In Circus
Solution: Possum

Question: Sulfate White Crystals Used In Paint Pigments
Solution: Barium

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