Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Albert Einstein Was A World Known
Solution: Physicist

Question: Amiable And Warm
Solution: Congenial

Question: Archipelago That Served As Darwins Lab
Solution: Galapagos

Question: Bearing Is The Between Two Objects
Solution: Direction

Question: Best Supporting Actor Oscar For Ryans Daughter
Solution: John mills

Question: Buckwheat Based Bread From Slovenia
Solution: Ajdov kruh

Question: Christian Shoe Designer Known For Red Soles
Solution: Louboutin

Question: Common European Sword With Cruciform Hilt
Solution: Longsword

Question: Eldest Of The Bronte Sisters
Solution: Charlotte

Question: First To Make Mainland America Landfall In 1497
Solution: John cabot

Question: First Class Bonny Superb Outstanding
Solution: Excellent

Question: Lacking Refinement Or Artistic Or Literary Culture
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Large Garrison Town In Lower Saxony NW Germany
Solution: Osnabruck

Question: Long Drinking Vessel Measured In Imperial Amounts
Solution: Yard of ale

Question: Lotion Protects Against Ultra Violet Rays
Solution: Sunscreen

Question: Marthas Backing Singers
Solution: Vandellas

Question: Mimicry Of Someone Or Something
Solution: Imitation

Question: Most Populous City In Victoria Australia
Solution: Melbourne

Question: NASA Rover That Is Conducting A Mission On Mars
Solution: Curiosity

Question: Oceans Are Filled With This Type Of Liquid Body
Solution: Saltwater

Question: Some Suggest Not To Ask Too Many Of These
Solution: Questions

Question: Spiny Are Poisonous And Ray Finned
Solution: Devilfish

Question: Swedish Tennis Player With Underwear Empire
Solution: Bjorn borg

Question: Tibetan Buddhist Tenzin Gyatso Is The 14th
Solution: Dalai lama

Question: Wassily Russian Abstract Artist
Solution: Kandinsky

Question: Yes This Is The Study Of Birds Nests
Solution: Caliology

Question: Scared The Living Out Of
Solution: Daylights

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