Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Rough Figure Or Estimate
Solution: Ballpark

Question: A Small Cooking Measurement Not A Table
Solution: Tea spoon

Question: Berlin Hauptbahnhof Is A Famous German Station
Solution: Railroad

Question: Cleric Of Secular Institution Prison Or Hospital
Solution: Chaplain

Question: Document Giving Permission To Leave A Country
Solution: Exit visa

Question: Epic Poetry Muse Musical Instrument At Circus
Solution: Calliope

Question: Hot Tubs
Solution: Jacuzzis

Question: It Never Did Anyone Any Good
Solution: Worrying

Question: Long Sled Made Of Wood Slats
Solution: Toboggan

Question: Method Called Pot Roasting When Using Meats
Solution: Braising

Question: Nocturnal Arachnid Elongated Body And A Stinger
Solution: Scorpion

Question: Novel And Film About An Orphaned Fawn The
Solution: Yearling

Question: Ocean Divides The Americas From Europe
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Savage Staple Grown In Paddy Fields
Solution: Wild rice

Question: Small Drop Shaped Edible Seeds Of A Cone Tree
Solution: Pine nuts

Question: The Starred Eva Gabor As Miss Bianca
Solution: Rescuers

Question: The Meaning Of The Spanish Word Negativo
Solution: Negative

Question: Those Who Enter To Conquest Or Plunder
Solution: Invaders

Question: Waifish British Supermodel And Rimmel London Face
Solution: Kate moss

Question: Biking Extreme Sport Performed In Nature
Solution: Mountain

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