Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion The Quran
Solution: Islamic

Question: Calligraphy Is An Elegant Way Of
Solution: Writing

Question: Charge Incurred On A Business Trip
Solution: Expense

Question: Clara Mussolinis Mistress Died By His Side
Solution: Petacci

Question: Communist Manifesto Rally Of The World Unite
Solution: Workers

Question: Female Patron Of Young Girls And Chastity
Solution: St agnes

Question: Grandstand The Area Facing The Circus Center
Solution: Seating

Question: Italian Tire Makers With Red And Yellow Logo
Solution: Pirelli

Question: King Of The Gods In Roman Mythology
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Lavish And Luxurious
Solution: Opulent

Question: Nazi Secret Police Force Founded By Hermann Goring
Solution: Gestapo

Question: Plant That Eat Insects Venus
Solution: Flytrap

Question: Red Sauce Made Of Tomatoes Used On Foods
Solution: Ketchup

Question: Ringo Starrs Actual Birth Name Richard
Solution: Starkey

Question: These Glands Produce A Babys First Meal
Solution: Mammary

Question: They Speak Louder Than Words
Solution: Actions

Question: Title Of The King Of Frances Eldest Son
Solution: Dauphin

Question: To Attack And Injure Someone
Solution: Assault

Question: To Be Given A Prize
Solution: Awarded

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