Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Fighting Sport
Solution: Wrestling

Question: Another Name For The Prime Minister Of Ireland
Solution: Taoiseach

Question: Battlestar Popular Science Fiction Series
Solution: Galactica

Question: Bullock Won An Oscar For This Feel Good Movie
Solution: Blind side

Question: Closing Statement Of A Book
Solution: Afterword

Question: Dental Replacements Discovered In Etruria 750 BCE
Solution: Fake teeth

Question: Early Domestic Computer 64
Solution: Commodore

Question: First Novel Written On A Typewriter
Solution: Tom sawyer

Question: First Writing Systems In This Ancient Period
Solution: Bronze age

Question: Iconic Film Studios In Rome
Solution: Cinecitta

Question: Impasse
Solution: Stalemate

Question: Leg Coverings Also Called Nylons
Solution: Stockings

Question: Sandra Bullock Won An Oscar For This Movie The
Solution: Blind side

Question: Stage Of Development Before Birth Or Hatching
Solution: Embryonic

Question: Strings Of Italian Pasta With Bolognese Sauce
Solution: Spaghetti

Question: Superior To A Navy Captain Below A Rear Admiral
Solution: Commodore

Question: The Vicar Of Goldsmiths Novel On Austerity
Solution: Wakefield

Question: Traders Storekeepers Business Dealers
Solution: Merchants

Question: Traditional Childrens Song Of English Origin
Solution: Muffin man

Question: Very Dangerous Dogs Parasite
Solution: Heartworm

Question: Where The Ocean Meets The Land
Solution: Coastline

Question: Your Head Wont Stay Wet After You Use This
Solution: Hairdryer

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