Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Chewy Anagram Of Pinchas
Solution: Spinach

Question: A Tiny Ball Of Liquid
Solution: Globule

Question: Arthurs Court
Solution: Camelot

Question: Brothers Barry Robin And Maurice Gibb
Solution: Bee gees

Question: Country In Southern Africa Capital Is Windhoek
Solution: Namibia

Question: Estates French Political System Pre 1789
Solution: General

Question: Fear Of Wasps Is Phobia
Solution: Sphekso

Question: Gambling Activity Happens In These Establishments
Solution: Casinos

Question: Malicious Imp
Solution: Gremlin

Question: Opposite Of Western
Solution: Eastern

Question: Princess Taken By Achilles As A War Prize
Solution: Briseis

Question: Reaches Accomplishes Achieves Goals
Solution: Attains

Question: Rio De Janeiro Tourist Attraction Beach
Solution: Ipanema

Question: Spurge Plant With Starchy Root Tropical
Solution: Cassava

Question: This Character Greatly Underestimated David
Solution: Goliath

Question: To Agree Endorse Support
Solution: Approve

Question: To Keep Your Teeth From Getting Damaged
Solution: Protect

Question: Undead Creature Who Feeds From Live Peoples Blood
Solution: Vampire

Question: Vessel Formerly Used In Distilling
Solution: Alembic

Question: Worlds Fastest Land Animal
Solution: Cheetah

Question: Brooks Are Noisy
Solution: Shallow

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