Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: About Means To Course Of The Ship By Tacking
Solution: Change

Question: Another Name For Nerve Cell
Solution: Neuron

Question: Borg Stadium Africas Second Largest
Solution: El arab

Question: Central European River Flows Through Bratislava
Solution: Morava

Question: Charlie The Golden Ticket Winner
Solution: Bucket

Question: Died Down Like A Storm
Solution: Abated

Question: Dumb And With Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels
Solution: Dumber

Question: Edinas Effervescent Assistant
Solution: Bubble

Question: Feminine Courtesy Title
Solution: Madame

Question: French High End Brand No 5
Solution: Chanel

Question: Grandiose Powerful All
Solution: Mighty

Question: Highly Prominent Khatri Surname Found In India
Solution: Oberoi

Question: Istanbul Is The Largest City In
Solution: Turkey

Question: Italian Style Ice Cream
Solution: Gelato

Question: Jorge Luis Famous Argentine Short Story Writer
Solution: Borges

Question: Loyal Ambitious Musketeer With Athos And Porthos
Solution: Aramis

Question: Mother Of Calcutta Albanian Born Nun
Solution: Teresa

Question: Mr Oscar Winner For Luxembourgish Short Film
Solution: Hublot

Question: One Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole
Solution: Barrel

Question: Ottoman Sultans Groups Of Wives Helpers Eunuchs
Solution: Harems

Question: Regards With Disgust
Solution: Abhors

Question: Scarcely Only Barely Little Likelihood
Solution: Hardly

Question: Scullions Did This Sort Of Task
Solution: Menial

Question: Severely Criticized
Solution: Slated

Question: Shortform Of Grandfather
Solution: Gramps

Question: Sleeve Style Created For A British Army Officer
Solution: Raglan

Question: Something Adding A Zestful Flavor A Condiment
Solution: Relish

Question: Stick This Spice In Oranges At Christmas Time
Solution: Cloves

Question: Virgins In Ancient Rome Priestesses Of Vesta
Solution: Vestal

Question: Boat Inflatable Water Sports Ride
Solution: Banana

Question: Crater In The Phaethontis Quadrangle Of Mars
Solution: Keeler

Question: Jack A Game Fish Same Family As Yellowtail
Solution: Almaco

Question: The Dog Hangover Remedy
Solution: Hair of

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