Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Whitened Filipino Sword Guava Wood Handle
Solution: Pinuti

Question: A Dash A Crumb A Tiny Part Of Something
Solution: Tittle

Question: Chemical Element Found In The Sun Stars Comets
Solution: Carbon

Question: Duplicate Version In Case Of Damage
Solution: Backup

Question: Female Sibling
Solution: Sister

Question: Glided Over Ice
Solution: Skated

Question: Hamid President Of Afghanistan 2004 2014
Solution: Karzai

Question: Iranian Flour Bread Cooked In Clay Oven
Solution: Taftan

Question: Large Belgian Coastal City And Port
Solution: Ostend

Question: Loan To Delay Payment Of An Invoice
Solution: Credit

Question: Macbeth Murder Victim Who Reappears As A Ghost
Solution: Banquo

Question: National Airline Of Spain
Solution: Iberia

Question: Object Tossing Party Game Hot
Solution: Potato

Question: Per Latin Phrase Meaning Monthly
Solution: Mensem

Question: Soak In
Solution: Absorb

Question: Stone Italian Brand With A Compass Logo
Solution: Island

Question: The Reverend Mother Superior Eastern Orthodox
Solution: Abbess

Question: The Sea Snail Is Purple Lives In The Tropics
Solution: Violet

Question: To Have The Ability To Pick One Of Two Things
Solution: Choice

Question: To Some Extent Not Totally
Solution: Partly

Question: Baiul Ukrainian Won 94 Olympic Gold
Solution: Oksana

Question: Bonnard French Artist
Solution: Pierre

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