Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Squid Has Webbed Legs And Light Emitting Spots
Solution: Vampire

Question: Canadas Prime Minister In 2016 Justin
Solution: Trudeau

Question: Crusading King Of France Who Was Later Sainted
Solution: St louis

Question: Deweys Pre Internet Book Categorizing System
Solution: Decimal

Question: Election Decides Democrat Republican Candidates
Solution: Primary

Question: Frugal With Money
Solution: Thrifty

Question: Historical Czech Land State Of Holy Roman Empire
Solution: Moravia

Question: Irish Golfer Rory Found Success At Young Age
Solution: Mcilroy

Question: Island Nation By Greenland Capital Is Reykjavik
Solution: Iceland

Question: Normally Habitually
Solution: Usually

Question: Personal Physical Attack
Solution: Assault

Question: Something Designed For Temporary Use Only
Solution: Stopgap

Question: Spicy Red Orange Powder Made From Chili Peppers
Solution: Cayenne

Question: The Murder Of Roger Agatha Christie Mystery
Solution: Ackroyd

Question: These Funds Invest In Dead Companies
Solution: Vulture

Question: Will Merry Mens Skilled Swordsman
Solution: Scarlet

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