Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Bigger Hockney Pool Painting
Solution: Splash

Question: Blondie Single From 1980 Your Hair Is Beautiful
Solution: Atomic

Question: Breakfast Bread Cooked In Dimpled Irons
Solution: Waffle

Question: Chinese American Tech Brand Behind The ThinkPad
Solution: Lenovo

Question: Dhirubhai Founder Of Reliance Industries
Solution: Ambani

Question: Formal Order Judicial Order
Solution: Decree

Question: Little House Father Highway To Heaven Star
Solution: Landon

Question: Owls Can Their Heads As Much As 270 Degrees
Solution: Rotate

Question: Pedal Used To Change Gears On A Vehicle
Solution: Clutch

Question: Person Who Buys And Sells Things
Solution: Trader

Question: Personal Place To Keep Valuables Safe
Solution: Locker

Question: Regal Waistline That Starts Under The Bust
Solution: Empire

Question: Rigid Material Used To Stabilize A Broken Bone
Solution: Splint

Question: Someone Whos Into Culinary Delights
Solution: Foodie

Question: Stockholm Is The Capital Of The Kingdom Of
Solution: Sweden

Question: To Quit
Solution: Resign

Question: C Clarke British Sri Lankan Writer
Solution: Arthur

Question: Rogers Governor Who Ended Piracy In Nassau
Solution: Woodes

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