Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1922 German Movie About A Vampire
Solution: Nosferatu

Question: Act Of Infiltrating Somewhere To Acquire Secrets
Solution: Espionage

Question: Booking A Table At A Restaurant In Advance
Solution: Reserving

Question: Carbon Impression Left On The Environment
Solution: Footprint

Question: Cases Containing Magnetic Tape For Music Storage
Solution: Cassettes

Question: French Stew Pot And The Dish Cooked In It
Solution: Casserole

Question: Irish Fashion Designer Known For Retro Prints
Solution: Orla kiely

Question: It Means Sign Of Allah In Arabic
Solution: Ayatollah

Question: Italian Who Wrote The Decameron
Solution: Boccaccio

Question: Japanese City Hit By A Nuclear Weapon
Solution: Hiroshima

Question: John Founding Father Penman Of The Revolution
Solution: Dickinson

Question: Large Crocodilian With Short Snout
Solution: Alligator

Question: Medical Term For Lung Related Issues
Solution: Pulmonary

Question: Reptile Organ Found In A Witchs Brew
Solution: Eye of newt

Question: Shine A Light On This Banknote Security Feature
Solution: Watermark

Question: Sugary Garnish For Cakes Cupcakes Or Ice Cream
Solution: Sprinkles

Question: Teacher In A University Or Faculty
Solution: Professor

Question: To Add A Dash To Join Two Words
Solution: Hyphenate

Question: Variety Of Grossular Cinnamon Colored Gem
Solution: Hessonite

Question: Worlds Smallest Continent In Area
Solution: Australia

Question: System Software Directing Computer Actions
Solution: Operating

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