Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Hole In A Vehicles Tire
Solution: Puncture

Question: Belgian Battle Pitted Napoleon Against Wellington
Solution: Waterloo

Question: Bragging
Solution: Boasting

Question: Call For Entire Ships Company
Solution: All hands

Question: Dead Ball Restart Situation After Foul In Soccer
Solution: Free kick

Question: Done Quickly And Badly
Solution: Slapdash

Question: Flights To And From Places In The Same Country
Solution: Domestic

Question: Garnish Of Almonds Or Romanian Dessert
Solution: Amandine

Question: Hand Held Canopy Protects In The Rain
Solution: Umbrella

Question: In A Concisely
Solution: Nutshell

Question: Largest City In Europe Turkeys Cultural Capital
Solution: Istanbul‎

Question: Officially Ranked As The City Of Spas In 1934
Solution: Budapest

Question: Place De La Execution Site Of Louis XVI
Solution: Concorde

Question: Polish WWII Leader Set Up A Government In Exile
Solution: Sikorsky

Question: Protestant Churches That Follow Calvins Teachings
Solution: Reformed

Question: Russian American Aviator Igor Aviation Company
Solution: Sikorsky

Question: Selecting Goods To Be Delivered
Solution: Ordering

Question: This September Song Singer Was Born In November
Solution: Jp cooper

Question: To Steal Money From Ones Workplace
Solution: Embezzle

Question: Unbelieving
Solution: Doubtful

Question: Winding Thread Onto A Spindle
Solution: Spooling

Question: Holmes Character By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Solution: Sherlock

Question: Acid Only Acid Excreted As Gas From The Lungs
Solution: Carbonic

Question: Expressionism Conceptual Art Style
Solution: Abstract

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