Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Vacuum Keeps Carpets Clean
Solution: Cleaner

Question: Avoid A Questioner For He Is Also A
Solution: Tattler

Question: Charles Film Industry Icon
Solution: Chaplin

Question: Director Sofias Oscar Winner Dad Francis Ford
Solution: Coppola

Question: Fellowship Club Group Of People
Solution: Society

Question: Fine Spray Or Mist Hair Spray Odor Spray
Solution: Aerosol

Question: Heavy Metal Group Sister
Solution: Twisted

Question: Huldrych Swiss Religious Reformer
Solution: Zwingli

Question: If You Cant Escape Then Youre
Solution: Trapped

Question: Jocelyn Bell Discoverer Of Pulsars In 1967
Solution: Burnell

Question: Never Tasted By Those Who Suffer Defeat
Solution: Victory

Question: Not In A Wishy Washy Way
Solution: Rabidly

Question: Oscar And Carey On An Australian Glass Church
Solution: Lucinda

Question: Popular Political Club During French Revolution
Solution: Jacobin

Question: Short Pointed Knives
Solution: Daggers

Question: Someone Responsible For Counselling Others
Solution: Advisor

Question: Status Of Peasants Under The Feudalistic System
Solution: Serfdom

Question: The Art Of Making An Image Not With Paint
Solution: Drawing

Question: Hounds A Cross Country Paperchase
Solution: Hare and

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