Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Avoiding Negative Financial News The Effect
Solution: Ostrich

Question: Decisive Battle Of The Chinese Civil War In 1940s
Solution: Huaihai

Question: Family Of Italian Renaissance Painters
Solution: Bellini

Question: Female Opossums Have 13
Solution: Nipples

Question: Final Period Of Calendar Often Used In Finance
Solution: Year end

Question: Kate Middleton Is Married To Prince
Solution: William

Question: Large Body Of Ice Moves Slowly Or Spreads Outward
Solution: Glacier

Question: Large Flat Pan Used To Fry Foods
Solution: Griddle

Question: Leafy Vegetable Eaten Raw Or Cooked
Solution: Spinach

Question: Medicine Patented By Bayer In The Early 1900s
Solution: Aspirin

Question: Mountain With A Crater
Solution: Volcano

Question: Of Poor Moral Character Disobedient
Solution: Naughty

Question: Open Toe Footwear Usually Held By Straps
Solution: Sandals

Question: Roman Mode Of Transport Especially During Races
Solution: Chariot

Question: Vega Toms Diner Folk Singer
Solution: Suzanne

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