Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Orange Movie With Malcolm McDowell
Solution: Clockwork

Question: A Notebook For Artists
Solution: Sketchpad

Question: A Person Who Directs The Route Or Course Of A Ship
Solution: Navigator

Question: Anna Russian Modernist Poet In The Soviet Era
Solution: Akhmatova

Question: Art Style Rejected Realism During Late 19th C
Solution: Modernism

Question: Canada Has The Worlds Largest
Solution: Coastline

Question: Collectors Pick Them Up From Coastal Sands
Solution: Seashells

Question: Defensive Player Between Second And Third Basemen
Solution: Short stop

Question: Disseminated A Message On Twitter
Solution: Retweeted

Question: Espresso Coffee Liqueur From Italy
Solution: Borghetti

Question: Freefalling Out Of A Plane
Solution: Skydiving

Question: Large Flat Case For Carrying Drawings Papers
Solution: Portfolio

Question: Measures Changes In Sea Level
Solution: Tide gauge

Question: Monopoly Is One Of Them
Solution: Board game

Question: Siliceous Sedimentary Rock Can Crumble Into Powder
Solution: Diatomite

Question: Small And Malevolent Imaginary Being
Solution: Hobgoblin

Question: Someone Who Underwrites A Project With Money It
Solution: Bankrolls

Question: Web Spinning Spider
Solution: Orbweaver

Question: Western Plains Native Americans
Solution: Cheyennes

Question: National Stadium Of SE Asian Nation
Solution: Singapore

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