Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Orient Express Murder Victim Samuel
Solution: Ratchett

Question: A Comedy Writer Or Performer
Solution: Humorist

Question: Baby Mohawk No Shaved Sides
Solution: Fauxhawk

Question: Bone Structure That Supports An Organism
Solution: Skeleton

Question: British Royalty Abode In Scotland
Solution: Balmoral

Question: Compiled Teachings And Sayings Of Confucius
Solution: Analects

Question: Derbyshire Pudding Erroneously Called A Tart
Solution: Bakewell

Question: Gnomes Turn To Stone In The
Solution: Sunlight

Question: Harmless Flying Insect That Looks Like A Wasp
Solution: Hoverfly

Question: In Architecture Border Edging Or Baseboard
Solution: Skirting

Question: Law And Order Spinoff Intent
Solution: Criminal

Question: Marta Creator Of Friends TV Series
Solution: Kauffman

Question: Material In The Middle Of A Pencil
Solution: Graphite

Question: Omega 7 Fatty Acid Found In Dairy Products
Solution: Vaccenic

Question: Person Who Makes People Laugh For A Living
Solution: Comedian

Question: Picked Something From A Range Of Options
Solution: Selected

Question: Powdered Seasoning Aka Pimenta Like Cloves Nutmeg
Solution: Allspice

Question: Rhetorical You Know The Answer Already
Solution: Question

Question: Single Track Transport System Usually Elevated
Solution: Monorail

Question: Study Of Places And Their Natural Features
Solution: Topology

Question: The Walls Of French Criminal Falls In Love
Solution: Malapaga

Question: This Sort Of Gate Hangs The Longest
Solution: Creaking

Question: Two Word Term For The Larynx
Solution: Voice box

Question: Wonderland Cat Whose Smile Remains
Solution: Cheshire

Question: Geographic Science Magazine Founded In 1888
Solution: National

Question: Stadium Famed Turin Home Of Youth Team
Solution: Juventus

Question: Lotion Is A Treatment For Itching
Solution: Calamine

Question: Or Dorado Fish With Long Fin From Head To Tail
Solution: Mahi mahi

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