Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Agga Maha Honorific Title In Theravada Buddhism
Solution: Pandita

Question: Another Name For Thomas The Apostle
Solution: Didymus

Question: Back Of The Stage Away From The Audience
Solution: Upstage

Question: Bartender Or Mixologists Wooden Pestle
Solution: Muddler

Question: Bram Stokers Famous Vampire
Solution: Dracula

Question: Capital Of Indonesia
Solution: Jakarta

Question: Device Used For Credit Card Fraud
Solution: Skimmer

Question: Donatella Italian Fashion Designer
Solution: Versace

Question: Dull And Overcast With No Solar Warmth
Solution: Sunless

Question: English Poet Of The Modernist Movement
Solution: Ts eliot

Question: First Comes Lightning Then Comes
Solution: Thunder

Question: Knowledge Of Past Events
Solution: History

Question: Korean Company Apples Smartphone Rival
Solution: Samsung

Question: Monte Prolonged WWII Battle At Italian Abbey
Solution: Cassino

Question: Most Portrayed Horror Blood Sucking Movie Villain
Solution: Dracula

Question: Official Headquarters For An Ambassador
Solution: Embassy

Question: One And One Dalmatians Was Released In 1961
Solution: Hundred

Question: Philip Hoffman American Actor
Solution: Seymour

Question: Picture Cut Or Scratched Into A Metal Surface
Solution: Etching

Question: Really Wanted
Solution: Desired

Question: The Beautiful Rock Jumps Over Rocks
Solution: Skipper

Question: Traveling On Surfaces By Dancing Or Racing
Solution: Skating

Question: Tree Nymphs Protect And Trees
Solution: Forests

Question: Type Of Obsidian Cracking Volcanic Glass
Solution: Perlite

Question: Swimming Crab Feeds On Trash
Solution: Harbour

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