Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Frise Is A Toy Breed Descended From A Poodle
Solution: Bichon

Question: A Hound And A Tec
Solution: Sleuth

Question: Batmans Butler
Solution: Alfred

Question: Country Directly To The South Of The US
Solution: Mexico

Question: Country Where Prince Rainier Ruled
Solution: Monaco

Question: Flowering Branches
Solution: Sprays

Question: Fred And Gave Harry The Marauders Map
Solution: George

Question: Large Soft Bag Perfect For Sports Or Travelling
Solution: Duffel

Question: Lindsay Wagner Sci Fi Series The Woman
Solution: Bionic

Question: Looking At The Stars
Solution: Gazing

Question: Mechanical Model Of The Solar System
Solution: Orrery

Question: Sculpted Representation Of Person
Solution: Statue

Question: Sea That Stretches From Denmark To Netherlands
Solution: Wadden

Question: Shaft Device For Lifting And Carrying
Solution: Handle

Question: Shape Shifting Water Seal From Scottish Folklore
Solution: Selkie

Question: Showing Gentleness
Solution: Tender

Question: Slang Term For A Native Of Australia
Solution: Aussie

Question: Something Material That You Can Touch Or See
Solution: Object

Question: Steve From The US Sitcom The Office
Solution: Carell

Question: To Be On A Ship Or Train
Solution: Aboard

Question: Tobacco Pipe With Multiple Flexible Tubes
Solution: Hookah

Question: US Canadian Cartoon The Ren Show
Solution: Stimpy

Question: Violet Survived Three Ship Disasters In 6 Years
Solution: Jessop

Question: Base Running Bases Sans A Hit
Solution: Stolen

Question: Copy Something That Is Almost Identical
Solution: Carbon

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