Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Party After A Wedding
Solution: Reception

Question: Addition Or Change To A Law Or Bill
Solution: Amendment

Question: Anti Proverb Created By Dickens
Solution: Wellerism

Question: Areas Where Black Gold Is Found
Solution: Oilfields

Question: Change To The Constitution
Solution: Amendment

Question: Crescent Shaped French Breakfast Pastry
Solution: Croissant

Question: Flight Invented In Canada For Pilot Training
Solution: Simulator

Question: He She Helps People Achieve Personal Goals
Solution: Life coach

Question: Italian Mountains They Run Along The Nation
Solution: Apennines

Question: Light Rail Vehicle Also Called Trams Or Trolleys
Solution: Streetcar

Question: Lower House Of Parliament In German Government
Solution: Bundestag

Question: One Of Americas Top Home Improvement Retailers
Solution: Home depot

Question: One Promised In Marriage To Someone
Solution: Betrothed

Question: Pianos Organs
Solution: Keyboards

Question: Pianos Organs Synthesizers
Solution: Keyboards

Question: Serbian Secret Group That Backed A Greater Serbia
Solution: Black hand

Question: Tending To Plants In A Homes Outdoor Space
Solution: Gardening

Question: The Act Of Loosing Threads Of Cloth Or Rope
Solution: Ravelling

Question: System Irrigation To Keep Lawn Green
Solution: Sprinkler

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