Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 80s Queen Of Pop
Solution: Madonna

Question: A Person Who Educates Others
Solution: Teacher

Question: Act Of Beating Thrashing Whipping
Solution: Bashing

Question: Bulgarian City With Millennial Old Ruins
Solution: Plovdiv

Question: Chicken Beef Fish
Solution: Protein

Question: Deadpan Comedian Starred In Self Titled TV Series
Solution: Newhart

Question: Items To Enhance Vision
Solution: Eyewear

Question: Korean Tech Brand Behind The Note And Tab
Solution: Samsung

Question: Lancome Mascara Brand Thats Mesmerizing
Solution: Hypnose

Question: Main Component Of Natural Gas
Solution: Methane

Question: Modesty And Propriety
Solution: Decency

Question: Not Man Made
Solution: Natural

Question: Orange Yellow Flavoring Food Coloring
Solution: Saffron

Question: Orange Yellow Food Dye From Crocus
Solution: Saffron

Question: Quality Or Ability To Be Honest To Others
Solution: Decency

Question: Standing Yoga Pose Like A Soldier
Solution: Warrior

Question: Two Hues
Solution: Bicolor

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