Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Atlantic African Gulf Heavy In Oil Deposits
Solution: Guinea

Question: Barry Kubricks Irish Period Drama
Solution: Lyndon

Question: Followed Happened Next
Solution: Ensued

Question: Greek Goddess Of Compulsion And Necessity
Solution: Ananke

Question: Hat Made Of Strips Of Fabric Wound Around The Head
Solution: Turban

Question: Item Used To Give A Shot With Adds To A Syringe
Solution: Needle

Question: Itemized Plan For Spending Money
Solution: Budget

Question: Japanese Military Dictators
Solution: Shogun

Question: Keep Your Stay Positive
Solution: Chin up

Question: Longest Measure From End To End
Solution: Length

Question: Marvels Espionage And Law Enforcement Agency
Solution: Shield

Question: Massive Migration Second Book Of Torah Bible
Solution: Exodus

Question: One Of The Ice Giants
Solution: Uranus

Question: Plan For Spending Money
Solution: Budget

Question: Renault Car With Picturesque Name
Solution: Scenic

Question: Sage Teeth In The Back Of The Mouth
Solution: Wisdom

Question: Someone Who Moves Their Body For A Living
Solution: Dancer

Question: Three Striped Tennis Shoes Trainers Sneakers
Solution: Adidas

Question: To Add Data To A Computer Or Online
Solution: Upload

Question: To Move Upward Climb To A Higher Point
Solution: Ascend

Question: Tropical Fruit Orange Flesh Tiny Black Seeds
Solution: Papaya

Question: Munch Painter Of The Scream
Solution: Edvard

Question: Of Lima Patron Of The Americas
Solution: St rose

Question: Tramps Thieves 1971 Hit For Cher
Solution: Gypsys

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