Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 190 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Ancient Wonders Found At Giza
Solution: Pyramids

Question: Arc Eye Has Bright Body And Bluish Tail
Solution: Hawkfish

Question: Attempt To Discredit Someone By Underhanded Means
Solution: Backstab

Question: Book That Features Annual Worlds Records
Solution: Guinness

Question: Bright Green Substance Discredited Mineral
Solution: Pimelite

Question: Central Asian River Aral Sea Basin
Solution: Syr darya

Question: Harvest Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar
Solution: Messidor

Question: Height Above Sea Or Ground Level
Solution: Altitude

Question: Joseon Era Molded 35 In Sword From Korea
Solution: Saingeom

Question: Keith Worst Case For Anti Smoking Campaigns
Solution: Richards

Question: Out At Sea Account Used As A Tax Haven
Solution: Offshore

Question: Paper Container For A Letter
Solution: Envelope

Question: Paper Container For A Letter Found In Offices
Solution: Envelope

Question: Profusion Over Abundance
Solution: Plethora

Question: Programs And Operating System Used By Computers
Solution: Software

Question: Secretary Cabinet Member Of Monetary Issues
Solution: Treasury

Question: Small Spoon Measurement Not Tablespoon
Solution: Teaspoon

Question: Sporting Fixture Without Travel
Solution: Home game

Question: The 1935 Film Irish War Of Independence
Solution: Informer

Question: To Move Someone Down To The Next Division Below
Solution: Relegate

Question: To Remain In A Country After Your Visa Has Expired
Solution: Overstay

Question: Undecided To Be In
Solution: Two minds

Question: Water Activity With Double Sided Paddle
Solution: Kayaking

Question: What Every Law Has
Solution: Loophole

Question: Wind Systems With Circular Swirling Motion
Solution: Cyclones

Question: Wooden Legs To Help The Injured Walk
Solution: Crutches

Question: Gums Murphy A Musician In The Simpsons
Solution: Bleeding

Question: Gums Murphy A Sax Player In The Simpsons
Solution: Bleeding

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