Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 190 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Abrasive Sheet Used To Smooth Out Rough Surfaces
Solution: Sandpaper

Question: Amateur Radio Is The Private Use Of Radio
Solution: Frequency

Question: Ancient African Reptile With Giant Chompers
Solution: Crocodile

Question: Asian State Won Independence From Portugal In 1975
Solution: East timor

Question: Austrian Crystals Company With Swan Logo
Solution: Swarovski

Question: Birthplace Of Literary Greats Doyle Stevenson
Solution: Edinburgh

Question: Crescent Shaped French Pastry
Solution: Croissant

Question: Daytime TV Story Continued Over Years
Solution: Soap opera

Question: Defensive Players Field Short Hits In Baseball
Solution: Infielder

Question: Dutch Golden Age Painter Of The Night Watch
Solution: Rembrandt

Question: Green Mineral Not Actually From Rainforest River
Solution: Amazonite

Question: Incomparable No Rivals
Solution: Unmatched

Question: Italian Volcano Bread Filled With Cheese And Herbs
Solution: Stromboli

Question: Lounge Where Those About To Fly Wait
Solution: Departure

Question: Most Frequently Covered Beatles Song
Solution: Yesterday

Question: Plays The Kettledrums
Solution: Timpanist

Question: Pope Francis Surname
Solution: Bergoglio

Question: Practitioner Of Alternative Plant Based Medicine
Solution: Herbalist

Question: Pyrotechnics In The Sky
Solution: Fireworks

Question: Setting Off On A Voyage By Boat
Solution: Embarking

Question: The Big Of 1938 Thanks For The Memory
Solution: Broadcast

Question: The Fee Or Money You Pay To Enter A Place
Solution: Admission

Question: Under A Spell
Solution: Enchanted

Question: Use This To Smooth Out Rough Surfaces
Solution: Sandpaper

Question: Wooden Board For Walking Into Or Out Of A Ship
Solution: Gangplank

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