Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 190 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Killer
Solution: Assassin

Question: A Woman Who Serves Food Or Drinks To People
Solution: Waitress

Question: Christ The Famous Statue In Rio De Janeiro
Solution: Redeemer

Question: Clover Sprig Used To Explain Trinity To Irish
Solution: Shamrock

Question: Everybodys Is Nobodys
Solution: Business

Question: Fictional Monster That Resembles A Giant Gorilla
Solution: King kong

Question: George Canadian MMA Fighter
Solution: St pierre

Question: Hardened Into Bone Or In Ireland Plastered Drunk
Solution: Ossified

Question: Honorific Style Of Christian Clergy
Solution: Reverend

Question: Horse Riding Foot Supports Invented In 4th Century
Solution: Stirrups

Question: Inflammation Of Lymph Glands In The Body
Solution: Adenitis

Question: Legal Process Of Taking Parental Responsibility
Solution: Adoption

Question: Les Dangereuses Novel On Revolutionary France
Solution: Liaisons

Question: Like Minded Groups Who Buy Discounted Vintages
Solution: Wine club

Question: Loch Ness Is In This Country
Solution: Scotland

Question: Made Unclean Contaminated
Solution: Polluted

Question: Oceans At The Cape Of Good Hope Indian And
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Opposite Of Negative
Solution: Positive

Question: Stretch Of Sea Between Italy And Balkan Peninsula
Solution: Adriatic

Question: Study Of Smells And Olfactory Processes
Solution: Osmology

Question: Sweet Sing Along Song By Neil Diamond
Solution: Caroline

Question: Swiss German Surrealist Fish Magic Painter
Solution: Paul klee

Question: When Two Or More Elements Are Chemically Bound
Solution: Compound

Question: Zoo Are Eggs Larvae And Animals Drifting
Solution: Plankton

Question: English Dialect Native To The United States
Solution: American

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