Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 190 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 184 Pounds Satellite Launched In 1957 I
Solution: Sputnik

Question: A Place On The Coast Where Vessels Find Shelter
Solution: Harbour

Question: Albino Traits Are A Lack Of In The Body
Solution: Pigment

Question: Altered Granite With Pink Feldspar
Solution: Unakite

Question: Ancient Type Of Flute
Solution: Ocarina

Question: Animals Studied By Entomologists
Solution: Insects

Question: Aristocracy A List Corps Delite
Solution: Royalty

Question: Biancabella And The Snake Is An Fairy Tale
Solution: Italian

Question: Breathing Tube For Swimming Under Water
Solution: Snorkel

Question: Building Where Goods Are Made
Solution: Factory

Question: Children Dont Want To Stop Doing This
Solution: Playing

Question: Clearly
Solution: Plainly

Question: Expression Of Regret
Solution: Apology

Question: Expression Of Regret To Say Youre Sorry
Solution: Apology

Question: Game Played On A Special Mat With Colorful Circles
Solution: Twister

Question: Ghost
Solution: Phantom

Question: Heating Appliance For Browning Bread
Solution: Toaster

Question: Horus Major God Of
Solution: Healing

Question: Ingrid Swedish Actress
Solution: Bergman

Question: Invented Jeans For Miners In California
Solution: Strauss

Question: Large Lively Party
Solution: Shindig

Question: Mediterranean Resort Between Cannes And Nice
Solution: Antibes

Question: Old Piece Of Furniture
Solution: Antique

Question: Pairc Ui Gaelic Sport Arena In Cork
Solution: Chaoimh

Question: Parchment In Ancient Egypt
Solution: Papyrus

Question: Planet One Of Two Gas Giants In Our Solar System
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Sekhmet Is The Egyptian Goddess Of This
Solution: Healing

Question: The Rat Is A Short Haired Breed Of Farm Dog
Solution: Terrier

Question: Tool Thrown In The Works To Cause Delay
Solution: Spanner

Question: Warm And Friendly
Solution: Cordial

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